Colson Scholarship

The Charles W. Colson Scholarship provides the formerly incarcerated with a Wheaton College education.

In 1988, the Charles W. Colson Scholarship was established by a generous friend of the Correctional Ministries Institute (CMI), and named in honor of Chuck Colson for his valuable service to the field of prison ministry.

More than 50 men and women have received the Colson Scholarship to attend Wheaton College’s undergraduate and graduate school. 

If you have questions, email or call our office 630-752-5727.


Eligibility Guidelines

  • A Christian
  • A U.S. Citizen
  • A felony record (Felonies must NOT include a sexual offense, arson, or repeat violent offenses)
  • Accepted into Wheaton College


Undergraduate:  Assistance with full tuition and on-campus room and board for single students. Full tuition and housing for married students.

Graduate: Tuition for a Master of Arts Degree




Undergraduate applicants are encouraged to transfer 30+ hours of college credit – taken within the last 5 years. Feel free to contact CMI for course advising.

If you interested in applying or if you have any questions, call our office:


Undergraduate Applicants

Graduate Applicants

If you’re looking for an education that will not only teach you to think well but also live well, consider Wheaton College. Here you’ll receive a premier Christ-centered liberal arts education that will prepare you for a livelihood and life dedicated to serving Christ and his kingdom.

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