Correctional Briefs

Tools to be used for Correctional Ministry

Please feel free to use any of the templates below for your ministry needs

The Criminal Justice System
and Going to Court

For most people, learning to navigate the criminal justice system is new. The following terms, definitions, and processes provide a basic understanding of what you may encounter as you journey with a person who is accused of committing a crime and brought to court.

Clergy Visit Template


This is a template for a clergy visit at the Dupage County Jail. This template, however, can be used for your own county jail.

Adult Jail Visitation for Families


Terms, definitions, do’s and don’ts of adult jail visitation and how to post bond for families.

Ministry with Families of the Incarcerated

Families with a loved one behind bars are deeply impacted by their loved ones incarceration. They need support. Find some resources and tips on how to give and recieve help.