Ministry With Women


Gender-responsive assessment tools, case planning, management models, and programming are growing in number and have shown through research to have much better outcomes with women than gender-neutral tools and programming. Most criminal justice professionals who work with women will tell you how different it is than working with men; yet, they do not have the education, training, and skills to engage effectively with them.

In jurisdictions where corrections staff have been trained in gender-responsive and trauma-informed approaches, we have seen reductions in institutional violence and misconduct, self-harming behaviors, and mental health referrals.

Becki Nay, Director for the National Resource Center for Justice-Involved Women

ALL RISE ONLINE VIDEO TRAINING is designed to accompany the book, ALL RISE: Ministry with Justice-Involved Women
Cost: FREE

ALL RISE provides an overview of the important themes and practical realities of female correctional ministry.
It incorporates the actual narratives of justice-involved women, prison administrators, chaplains, volunteers,
and ministry workers to create a realistic look at the challenges inherent in change. Those who serve these
women, as well as those who are interested in getting started in female justice initiatives, will learn the:

– Personal and economic impact of female incarceration
– Process of incarceration from arrest to release
– Profile of justice-involved women
– Patterns of socialization in correctional facilities
– Problems of reentry and recidivism
– Psychological and spiritual healing that leads to change
– Practices of Effective Ministry Programs

“Their incarceration is not just about their crime… I’ll say, ‘Your crime is what got you here, but what led up to
that is what I’m most interested in. How did you get to this point? And that’s important to know…What led up
to this? What led up to these choices that you made? Then helping them find the pathway to healing,
repentance; understanding that God loves you, that this is not the end of your life.’ “

The Training Will Accompany Each Chapter Below:

Table of Contents:

CH 1 Lock Her Up
CH 2 Portrait
CH 3 Entering the System
CH 4 Corrections Control
CH 5 – 6 Prisonization: Jail
CH 7 Doing Time
CH 8 Coming Home
CH 9 Staying Home
CH 10 Healing
CH 11 Spiritual Formation
Ch 12 Volunteers
CH 13 Corrections Care
CH 14 Programs of Hope






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